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Preparing you're skin well before a tan will help you achieve a long lasting even tan.

  1. Exfoliate your skin well. Using a PH balanced exfoliator. Ideally this should be done the day before your tan, not the day of. Your skin still needs some dead skin cells to develop in. Spray tans are not a stain.

Fact: Tan develops in dead skin cells and if

         you have a build up area of dead skin

         cells this can cause patchiness  in the

         form of dark areas. (elbows & knees) 

Tip: If you have experienced tans in the past

       that have not developed properly on  

       your chest area, this can be because of        the shampoo and conditioners you are

       using, they can leave a residue in this  

       are, so be sure to focus on these areas

       when your exfoliate.

Tip: If you wear the long lasting deodorants

       on the market, then it's a good idea to

       focus on this area to when you



2. Make sure you have shaved or waxed           any body parts two days before your tan.

    so that there is no residue left from wax  

    to stop development of tan.

Tip: If your second or third tan is much

       patchier then the first, it is usually

       because you're PH levels in your skin

       are off and you will need to balance

       them out.

Spray Tans do not change, our skin does.

Recommendation: Brides should book their         tan two to three days prior to wedding           day, to ensure all bronzer is washed off         prior to wedding. We think Tans are

        best on their third day.

Tel. 123-456-7890

Fax. 123-456-7890

500 Terry Francois Street, 
San Francisco, CA 94158

day of tan

On the day of your tan allow 15 mins to park.

  • Prepare your skin by not wearing any moisturiser.

(this is a barrier and can stop your tan from developing)

  • Do not wear any deodorant prior to your tan.

(Deodorant can cause under arms to go green)

               Wear long hair tied up.

We provide you with a disposable hair net , G-string and foot protectors.

You are welcome to wear your on personal underwear.

Come with loose clothing so you can change into something after your tan, that will not leave lines and feel uncomfortable.

Wear open shoes so your feet are not going to get any disruption to tan development from foot wear.


After Tan care

It is important to leave your tan on for the recommended time. If you don't leave it on and wash it off to early your tan runs the risk of not developing enough to your desired colour. If you leave your tan on for much longer than the recommended time, then your tan may over develop and become much darker than you desired or even go throw off an orange tone.

(over development of tans is why they can go orange).

Once your recommended development time is up, you can shower off using warm water only.


Tip:  (no soap) Soap is not recommended on the

        first rinse, it can stop further development

        and your tan reaching its full potential.

        Rinse until water runs clear, then pat dry

        with towel.

Tip: It's a good idea to run your hands over

       your body when rinsing, this can stop

       any water run marks.

       Don't panic if this should happen.

       The next day you can wash with soap and

       water and the water run marks should

       disappear .

You can moisturise the day after your tan.

Tip:Moisturising every day will help keep

      your skin from drying out and help

      your tan fade nicely.

Tip: It is recommended to use a PH balanced                body wash while you have a tan on,

       this will help the tan fade nice and

       keep it on a lot longer.

Tip: To help your tan last longer use a

        moisturiser that has a gradual

        tanner in it. 

Tip: Avoid chlorine pools, this can fade

       tans very quickly.

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